Pancake with roasted peanut filling also known as Apam Balik in Malaysia. It was my favourite when i was a kid and usually it sold at night market or hawker food stall . Nowaday, some restaurant also do sold this apam balik. There is two type of apam balik one of it is thin and crispy apam balik and another one is thick and soft apam balik. The recipe that i am showing today is a thick apam balik.


        Apam balik is not difficult to prepare but somehow it still can’t be compere with the one that sold in night market . Obviously,  i do satisfy with   the taste. Night market use very fine grounded peanuts but i like it with coarse grounded peanut. This way you can feel a crunchier  peanut filling and you can put it as much as you want to. I find that small peanut is more fragrant than the big peanut that sold in supermarket ……. I just can’t believe that now i am able to make this apam balik in my own kitchen…..



Make one with 24 cm pan

Ingredient :

Batter :

130 g plain flour
160 ml water / milk
1/2 tsp soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp instant yeast
1 whole egg

Filling :

200 g  ground peanut
30 g sugar
30 g butter
50 g creamy corn ( optional )

Method :

1. Sift flour in a clean bowl. Add in soda , salt and instant yeast.

2. Pour in water / milk into flour mixture. Stir constantly . Lastly , add in egg. Stir until well combined. Strain the batter and let it rest for about 30 minute or less.

3. While waiting roast your peanut until cooked. When done, let it cool a bit and removed the skin.  Blend it to your preference, either coarse or fine peanut filling.

4. After 30 minute , pre heat your non stick pan on medium low heat . Grease with a litte oil then wipe it with kitchen tissue. Pour your batter. Use back of your laddle to spread the batter to the edge of pan or to even the batter.

5. Wait a while until a lot of hole appear about 30 second to 1minute . Cover with pan lid. Put a tbsp of butter and add in the sugar on top. Cover the pan again for about 1 -2 minute.

6. Open the lid and put grounded peanut filling on top..cover again for 1 -2 minute. ( pls make sure that your batter is still wet as you put your peanut filling) Check your apam balik bottom, if it brown enough then turn you apam balik to half moon…and remove from the pan.

7. Cut and best to serve while it still hot. You can brush the top of your half moon apam balik with butter but this is optional .


♡ you can add creamy corn as a filling but it optional. I prefer mine with grounded peanut only.

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