It’s been a while after my last post..and today i will show a simple and quick recipe…well,  i always come with a simple recipe doesn’t i  ?…lol… it was a manggo season right now and you can easily see  manggo everywhere….

         Manggo Pudding , is a desert that served cold and really refreshing. It can be served plain or with evaporated milk and i am sure that all of you will love this desert. Ok, without futhermore lets jump to the ingredient…




1 packet of manggo pudding powder
200 g granulated white sugar
186 g Uht whipping cream
500 g manggo puree ( 300g manggo pulp + 200 ml water blend)
2.5 L water
385 ml evaporated milk ( 1 can)

Method :

1. Measure all ingredient as detailed.

2. Blend 300 g manggo pulp with 200 ml water to make 500 g manggo puree. Set aside.

3. In a large pot pour 2.5 L water, 385 ml evaporated milk, sugar ( you can reduce to your preference) and puding powder. Bring to a boil. Make sure to stir from time to time.

4. In mean time, heat you manggo puree. No need to boil , just until it warm. Set aside until you want to use it.

5. When your water mixture is start to boil add fruit sugar( small packet that was included inside of pudding powder), turn off the heat. Keep string. Add in manggo puree and uht whipping cream. Stir till’ well combine. Done.

6. Pour this pudding mixture to your prefered mould and let it cool completely before put in refrigerator. Don’t cover the top unless you are sure that these pudding is cool enough or you’ll get a watery pudding.

7. Redrigerate 2 to 3 hour before serving and you can serve with evaporated milk…Enjoy…


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