When i first start baking, New york Cheese cake was my first choice…now i’m wondering why i chose this cake when at that time i know nothing about cake..not even a little…with only a magazine recipe as guide i bake this cake and guess what? They love it and asking for the recipe. Today i will share my new york cheese cake with blueberry swirl on top…and i am not sure if it still called NEW YORK CHEESE CAKE cos i have added blueberry on it..hehehe

This cake , very dangerous for someone who is on diet but who care right? when it come to this cake everything is possible.. ok..back to the recipe, make sure you read everything carefully before making this…you dont want to waste all the ingredient right? In this recipe you will need 1 kg of cream cheese and It quite expensive though. So please read before you start. I am not saying that i am an expert but it based on my own experiance. Start when you are ready and fully understand what you are going to do. I’ve been throungh an experience when i was mean to making banana cake and in the middle of the process i forgot to put my mashed banana …and the bad thing is i didnt realize until i already put my batter into the steamer for a couple of minute.

Please choose a good quality cream cheese such philadelpia cream cheese . I have been use other brand like xxxxx sorry cant mention the brand here..and it quite salty . Of course there is still a lot more good quality brand of cream cheese out there but please choose the one that you familiar with.

2nd, sour cream…it so difficult to find it at my place , i’m not sure in your place but if you can’t find it dont worry…there are substitution for it. You can substitute with greek style yogurt..what if you cant find this too? Well you can use plain yogurt but make sure to drain the access of water on it…what if no yogurt ? Well 1 thing i can advice here is just forget about can say goodbye to new york cheese cake and try another recipe…

3rd , if you using springform pan try not to use foil to cover the bottom with proposed to prevent the water from seep inside the doesn’t work trust me..the water will still able to seep inside..i’m not sure if i should blame the foil or my self.. but i’m certainly sure that i’m doing it right just it still leaking somehow…here i would like to suggest you to used another baking pan that bigger than your springform pan…you gonna put your springform pan inside and this is the safety way to prevent the water from seep inside..

4th the temperature, all i can say is know your oven…this cake need a moderate temperature which is not to hot nor to cold…too hot temperature will make your cake crack and burn on the top very quick, and when it too cold you will need an extra hour to bake the cake.Also after baking and turn off your oven please dont take your cake out right away…let it sit there for another half hour …drastic change of tempareture will make the top of your cake crack too..


Last but not least, how to know your cake is done? Well when the side of the cake is firm you know you are done..don’t worry if you see the middle is still jiggling when you gently shaking the baking pan because that how it supposed to be. The middle of the cake will be firm as it cool down.. And…the most important thing cake is more delicious after overnight…i know waiting mean suffering but it worthy to wait…rainbow after rain…something like that but i’m not good on this…



Make one 9′ round baking pan

Cake base


1 packet digestive buscuit ( 400 g reduce to 300 g )
110 g melted butter


1 kg cream cheese philadelpia
1 1/4 cup castor sugar
300 g sour cream…( yogurt greek style)
Lemon zest
4 eggs large ( 60 -65 g )
3/4 of blueberry pie filling


1. Pre heat your oven to 150’c. Measure all ingredient as stated.

2. Blend your biscuit with a food processor or you can use a rolling pin …or you can use your bare hand just imagine you smashing someone that you hate soo much…hehehe …add in your melted butter mix until all crushed biscuit is covered by the butter…it should look like a sand.. pour to your baking pan and press to the side until reach the height that you want to and then press the bottom.set aside .

3. Make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature..soft but not melted…room temperature cream cheese will give you a smooth batter. Add in sugar several time and scrape the bottom of your mixing bowl each time to make sure no lump and the batter is well combine.

4. Add in egg one at the time and don’t over mix . It’s enough when the eggs is well combined after each addition. Add sour cream and lemon zest. Mix around 30 second and stop. Pour the batter into your springform pan.

5. Tap gently your baking pan to realese any bubble that trap on the batter. Put 2/3 of blueberry pai filling on top of cream cheese batter and draw a swirl using bamboo stick.

6. Pour hot water into your baking tray and put inside your baking pan. Bake for 1 and half hour . When done turn off your oven and put a wooden spoon in between of your oven door let your cheese cake sit inside your oven for another half an hour…

7. After half an hour transfer your cheese cake to refrigerator. Let it there for me it will make a huge difference when you have your cheese cake the next day…
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My last post is Manggo Pudding and today recipe is something that related with manggo too….emmm…since it was a manggo season why not take this advantage to buy a cheap manggo …am i right?…hehehe…

          Today recipe is No Bake Manggo Cheese Cake…i know you all love it…so do i and my family….it is soo easy to make…And to be honest this is not my first trial but my second attempt. I am very satisfy with the result and i am not going to try another recipe cos’ i already found what i looking for. I’ve got a few tester and one of it my sister in law who is running a cake house. She compared my no bake manggo cheese cake with other no bake manggo cheese cake that bought from bakery by my other sister in law and they choose mine…yay…i win lol…


         The taste is just right with the balance of manggo and cheese…it smooth but not a jelly like, it melt in your mouth. What i mean here is the gelatine is just right too…hard to explain how it taste here but i am pretty sure that you will not looking for another recipe after you tried this..


Make one 6′ round baking pan & one 6′ love shape baking pan




200 g digestive biscuit
100 g melted butter


300 g manggo puree
60 g castor sugar
282 g cream cheese
1 tbsp lemon juice
90 g yogurt manggo and peach
186 uht whipping cream (whipped)
250 g manggo cube ( more if you like)
16 g gelatine powder

Manggo mirror glaze

200 g manggo puree
100 ml water
60 g castor sugar
1 tbsp gelatine ( add 2 tbsp water)
1 tbsp lemon juice


1. Measure ingredient as detailed. Line bottom of baking pan with parchment paper. Set aside.

To make crust:

1. Finely crush digestive biscuit using rolling pin or food processor and in same time melt butter over double boiler.

2. Mix melted butter into crushed biscuit. Mix till well combined. Press biscuit mixture gently to lined baking pan evenly. Refrigerate until ready to use. You can make this a day advanced.

To make filling

1. Add gelatine to 2 tbsp water and let it bloom before put it over double boiler. In mean time heat manggo puree just until warm and dont let it to a boil. When done mix manggo puree  and gelatine. Stir until it well combined. Set aside.

2. In a food processor put in room temperature cream cheese and blend it until soft. Then add sugar,yogurt and lemon juice. Blend it until well combined. Take it out from food processor. Add in manggo puree and stir until well combine. Strain to get a smooth batter and to get ride any giant lump of cream cheese.

3. Using a hand mixer, whisk whipping cream until it reach soft peak or until it firm but don’t over whisk. Stop whisking when it no longer slide to other side when you shake the bowl.

4. When done add manggo cheese mixture into whipped whipping cream and mix gently using spatula. Mix until the colour is even and no more whipped cream seen.

5. Take out your refrigerated biscuit base and arrange some manggo cube on top before pouring half cream cheese mixture.Shake gently and add second layer of manggo cube before pouring the rest of cream cheese mixture. When done shake gently your baking pan once again to removed any traped air inside your cream cheese mixture so that you will not end up with a lot of unwanted hole inside of your cake. Refrigerate  for 1 hour and you don’t have to cover the top because sometimes it have a tendacy to produce water vapour s and will spoil the top.

To make manggo mirror glaze

1. Add 2 tbsp water into gelatine powder and let it bloom for 5 min. Then put it over double boiler and let it melt completely.

2. In mean time, put your manggo puree into sauce pot. Add in water, sugar and lemon juice. Stir constantly just until warm. Turn off heat and add in gelatine. Stir until well combine. Strain your manggo mirror glaze.

To assemble

1. Take out your chilled manggo cheese cake for last touch up.  Hehehe….Pour your manggo mirror glaze on top of your chilled cheese cake until the top is covered. The recipe is enough for one 6′ round baking pan and one 6′ love shape baking pan.

2. Refrigerate again atleast 6 to 7 hour before serving.


1. To remove the cake from baking pan use hot kitchen towel and wrap around your baking pan for 30 second. Removed slowly.

2. Strain your manggo mirror glaze to get a smooth finish.

3. No need to cover the top while chilling in refrigerator or you will end up like mine. Supposed to be perfect but spoiled with plastic wrap.

4. Don’t use more gelatine than what i mentioned in this recipe cos it just right. You can reduce it but i can’t gurantee the texture. Better just stick with this recipe.



5. Don’t used more melted butter for the crust or it will became hard.

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      Japanese Soufflè Cheese cake is a cake that contain a little amount of cheese. It very light, soft and moist in texture. Best to have it after over night and cold. The taste develope as it age.But it doesn’t mean that you can keep it for a month.The taste of sweetness , sour and lemony really refreshing. You can have several slice of Japanese soufflè cheese cake instead of one slice ‘ New York Cheese cake ‘ without feeling guilty with your diet.



      To make this cake is easy, just make sure to prepare all the ingredient  before you start. You may want to avoid of forgotten to put some of the ingredient into your cake..I do experience this before..hehe..Measure the amount exactly as detailed on the recipe. Unless you want to try something new then you can change to your own preference. Some people doesn’t really care about the ingredient, sometimes it more or less than it supposed to be and they say it’s only a few grams its ok….and when they failed they will blame the recipe..if you add more cheese then, we didn’t call it Light Cheese Cake anymore, it will turn to baked cheese cake or New York Cheese cake..but you can add more lemon juice if you want it more tangy’s ok… without furthermore, let go to the recipe.

Adapted from : Happy Home Baking



Make one 7′ round pan

Ingredient :

125 g philadelpia cream cheese
125 ml full cream milk
60 g butter
5 egg yolk
2 tbsp lemon juice
75 g cake flour
35 g corn flour

5 egg white
120 g castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

Method :

1. Measure all ingredient before you start. Line your pan with parchment paper on bottom. I prefer to line the bottom only. I am not good in lining the side of pan and always end up with ugly side. For my opinion, use a right pan so that you doesn’t have to line the side of your pan.Pre heat your oven at 140’c.

2. Sift cake flour and corn flour then set aside. Separate the egg white and egg yolk. And make sure your bowl is clean enough, no trace of oil. I always clean my bowl with hot water and wipe it dry before i separate the egg. Your egg white will not rise to fully valume if your bowl is not clean enough.

3. In a clean bowl, add in butter and cream cheese. With a hand whisk stir the butter and cream cheese until melted over double boiler. You may see the butter and cream cheese seems like doesn’t come together but don’t worry cos’ once you add a milk it will become a smooth liquidy batter. Turn off the heat and let it cool.

4. Once the butter and cheese mixture is cooled ,add in egg yolk one at a time. Stir until well combined. Add lemon juice and flour mixture. Stir constantly until well combine. Strain the batter. I always strain the batter to get a smooth and silky batter. No more giant lump of  flour or unmelted cheese on the batter. Set aside.

5. Whisk your egg white until foamy. Add in cream of tartar and whisk again. Sometimes people will use lemon juice or corn starch instead of cream of tartar but i’m more comfortable with cream of tartar. Cream of tartar will stabilize the egg white. Ok now ,add in sugar and beat with high speed until egg white became shiny..should be firm peak stage. Firm peak stage is when the meringue able to hold it shape and the peak is pointing down.

6. Add the egg white to cream cheese mixture in 3 batches. Make sure that the batter is almost even before you folding the next batches. When done tap the bowl a few time on worktop to removed the bubble. Pour the batter at 10 cm height to make sure the bubble will burst as it flow down. ( i forgot to do this step and i end up with a lot of hole on top of my cake).

7. Bake at 140’C for 1 hour over waterbath method. To high temperature will make your cake crack on the top and if it too low it will couse the cake undercook or will need a longer time to cook.

8. Once done, let it cool for awhile about 5 minnute and when you see the cake is shrink a bit and pulled away from the sides of the pan, unmould it immediately. When the cake is cool enough, refrigerate for over night before serving.



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