Durian season is just start and i am lucky enough to get a bundle of durian from my good friend…i have no intention to make an ice cream but my son requested it and i have to fullfill his request…to be honest, he asking for green tea ice cream not durian ice cream and i made it for him but my daughter who loved ice cream too doesn’t like green tea flavour and i have to make another batch of ice cream for her… luckyly i have a durian in my freezer..and this is how i get the idea to make this…

       To make this ice cream i bought a new ice cream maker and it make everything more easier..just measure all ingredient and let your mechine do his job to make a delicious ice cream…..i’ve seen so many recipe online and most of it using an egg …well, for a health concern i prefer to totally avoid egg in this recipe even though you can be sure for safetyness by using termometer…but i still prefer without egg and yet it still produced a delicious ice cream..

   My family loved this ice cream and they seems like hard to believe that i made this ice cream by my self it taste like store bought or maybe much better than that…hehe….with only 4 ingredient you can enjoy delicious home made ice cream…no chemical added like store bought (the one that used to make it’s life last longer)…This ice cream taste amazing it’s creamy and have a strong taste and smell of durian.




306 g Rich Brand whipping cream
80 sweet condenced milk
290 g durian puree
140 ml fresh milk


1. Measure all ingredient as detailed and make sure your ice cream maker bowl is freeze overnight for best result.

2. Combined all ingredient and make sure everything is cool enough.

3. Start your ice cream maker before pouring the ingredient in and let it turning for 2-3 minute. This is to prevent the mixture from sticking to the side of the bowl.

4. Put all ingredient inside and let it churn for about 25 – 30minute .When done transfer to a container and freeze for 3 to 4 hour before serving.

5. Before serving take out your ice cream container and let it aside for about 5 minute to soften a bit and make it easier to scoop.

6. Ready to served…i can guarantee that you will love this ice cream as much as we do…

Baking With Kelly


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