Beignets or churros ball or fried pete a chaox or you name it… as i’m searching the recipe on the net i find  many diffrent name of this recipe and i all i see is just the same ingredient and method. If you know how to make cream puff then you have no problem to make this beignets.


     The common problem that most of us facing is undercook beignets. The outside turn out dark to quick and it still wet inside. Why is this happen?? It because your oil is too hot…you maybe have a question like ‘this recipe call for 150’c and this temperature is over boiling point supposed to be very hot’… the answer is yes the oil should reach 150 ‘c before you put your beignets BUT after it reach 150’c you should reduce the heat and do some test before you fried the rest of dough. What kind of test? Well, put a small amount of dough after you reduce the heat and if it turn dark to quick wait a few second before fry another dough…why should we wait ? To make sure the oil is cool a bit..why the oil should reach 150’c then reduce it? Why not just until the oil is hot a bit? be honest, i don’t have the answer for this…lol..

       It taking time to fry the beignets, after you put the dough inside the oil you should stir it slowly to even the colour or to make sure it didn’t turn to dark very may see it seems like didn’t expand to double in size at the begining but just keep stiring slowly…after a few minute you will see that it start to burst and create a seams or expand from it original size supposed to be double or tripple in size. Fried until the beignets is golden brown.



Ingredient :

252 g water
150 g plain flour
100 g butter
3 g salt (only if you using unsalted butter)
4 g granulated white sugar
191 g egg (4 eggs = 55g each )
Enough castor sugar for coating


1. Put water, butter, salt and sugar to a boil. Make sure the butter is melted completely. Add in flour all at once and stir quickly until no lump or uncooked flour seen. You will know the dough is ready when a thin film appear on the bottom and the dough pull away from side. ( same like make cream puff). Let it cool to lukewarm before adding the eggs.

2. Add one egg at a time until it well combined and a peak pointing up form when you touch the dough with your finger. When done, put in refrigerator for one hour or atleast  30 minute …i refrigerated mine for 30 minute only cos’ i can’t wait that long to see the result….hehe…

3. After 30 minute , take the dough from refrigerator, heat oil until reach 150’c and reduce it (low heat) .Using ice cream scope, scope a little dough to make some test..if it turn dark to quick …wait a few second before adding the next dough. Keep stiring the biegnets until it burst and expand from it original will see a seams after it start to expand..fried until it turn to brown colour…please note that to fry beignets it take time about 5-7 minute ( depend on your stove).

4. When done, drain your beignets and coat with sugar. Ready to served. ( best to served while it still hot ).


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