I know everybody loved doughnut and so do my family. It’s easy to find it everyway and the only matter is the price. Well,why wasting when you can make it at home with minimum expences? My husband always questioned me why should i trouble my self to make this and i answered him i don’t call this trouble but it’s a joy of cooking. I love to see the result…and its fun..haha..
        I’ve been searching the recipe online and i saw Wendyink recipe ..i was attempted to try. With a simple recipe and easy instruction i stop searching for other recipe. Her instruction is very easy to understand but it still a bit tricky for me…WHY???? Because i trying to be smart and put my self in trouble. She say 1 egg yolk but i put 1 whole egg, 20 g butter but i put 42 g butter…make my dough too sticky…see??? This explain why some people failed when they trying a new


       When i saw my dough is too sticky and almost impossible to resque..i blame my self , i should follow her recipe as stated…but it already too late …i should find a solution or maybe just throw away the dough ?…i let it rest until double in size with hope it not stick to my hand but after that at the end it still the same. Since i am half way i decide to add 1/8 cup flour at a time and keep kneading until it not stick to my finger….finaly after adding my fifth 1/8 cup flour the dough not stick to my hand anymore and still soft..Emm finally…i roll the dough and cut it with my doughnut cutter. And let it rest for second time about 45 minute…yess !!! I saved the dough…


          As the result , my doughnut finish with no time. My mother in law who is always have a comment…say nothing this time..that’s mean i success and the taste is delicious..this doughnut is very soft incase you are curious about the texture.

Adapted :wendyinkk



makes 18 small doughnut

Ingredient :

250 g all purposed flour
5/8 cup flour ( 1/8 cup bread flour + 4/8 cup plain flour = 140 g)
90 ml full cream milk
42 g butter
1 whole egg
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
23 g sugar
Enough castor sugar for coating

Yeast ( mix together)

1 tsp yeast
60 ml water (lukewarm)
1 tsp sugar

Prepare :

Cut your parchment paper like the one that you use for steamed  bao or enough for one doughnut.

Method :

1. Measure all ingredient as detailed. Mix yeast ,water and sugar. Do a quick stir and set aside.

2. Pour milk and add egg in bread mechine, followed by flour,salt, sugar, baking powder and yeast mixture. Except the flour that measured by cup please leave 1/8 for later used. ( i advised to just leave 1/8 cup flour and put 4/8  on bread mechine so that you don’t have to get through what happen to me…and beside it much easier this way.) Let the mechine do his work.

3. When the mechine stop for 1st time add butter and the mechine will start kneading again. Just follow your mechine instruction. When done, knead by your hand for a few minute. If it still stick to your hand add the rest of 1/8 cup that u leave aside ealier. Rest the dough until double in size or for 1 hour.

4. Flatten the dough , and roll with rolling pin. Thickness depend on your preference and cut it with doughnut cutter. Arrange the dough to a parchment paper that you’ve cut ealier. Let it rest until it double in size again. Mine around 45 minute. Make sure to cover the doughnut while resting.

5. Heat the oil. Medium heat and lift the parchment paper with doughnut , gently slip the doughnut into hot oil. Try one doughnut first.. if it turn to dark very quick it mean your oil is very hot.. reduce the heat before you fry the rest of your doughnut. One thing , make sure your oil is enough to cover the whole doughnut while frying.

6. Drain your fried doughnut. And when it cool a bit, coat with castor sugar. Ready to served.



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