This is my 3rd attempt to make steamed banana cake and i am very pleased and satisfy with the result. This cake is very soft , light with very smooth banana taste. The cake also remain soft and the taste is much better after overnight. No eggs smell or you can’t taste any egg at all just a smooth banana taste.



       Less banana mean you will get a pale and less black tread like structure on your cake which is make the cake not attractive at all. The right balance between banana and flour will produce a soft , light and fluffy banana cake. Also, on my 3rd attempt i use cake flour instead of plain flour. I find that with plain flour you will not get a light and soft texture as like you use cake flour. One more thing, you can bake this batter if you want to.



Make one 9′ baking pan.



Ingredient :

250 g cake flour
410 g banana ( removed skin )
130 g castor sugar
5 egg white
6 egg yolk
18 g ovelete
50 ml evaporated milk
110 g corn oil
115 g melted butter
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp baking powder


1. Prepare and measure all the ingredient as detailed. Sift together flour , baking powder and soda. Set aside. Remove banana skin then measure. Mash banana using potato masher. Set aside. In another bowl mix all wet mixture together. Also, set aside. Pre heat your steamer , low heat.

2. In a large bowl, mix together castor sugar and ovelate until all sugar is coated with ovelate. Add in egg one at time and mix until the mixture is thicken, double in valume and pale in colour.

3. Add in sifted flour and wet mixture alternately. Mix until well combined. The mixture should not be to thick. Tap the mixture onto working top a few time then pour into greased baking pan from around 20 cm height.

4.  Steamed in low heat for about 45 to 1 hour. Mine only 45 minute. Do some test to make sure your cake is fully cooked. Insert a skewer and if it came out clean you are done. Open the lid and steam for another 5 minute. Turn off heat and wait for 5 to 10 minute before unmould. Cool on wire rack.



1. Use low heat to steam your cake..we don’t want any mountain view on top of the cake.

2. Cover the steamer with clean kitchen towel before put the lid on. This is to avoid the water vapour from drop into cake surface.



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