Tau fu fa is a very soft desert made from soy bean milk. Though its not difficult to make but its not easy either. What i’m trying to says here is , if your soy bean milk is too thin you will end up with a vomitte like tau fu fa..errhh…disgusting…But i have never had such experince  since i’ve had a luck to meet a right recipe on the net as a guide.


         To be honest i am not familiar with gypsum powder or GDL and its not easy to find those ingredient in my place or maybe i should admit that i have never give attention to those stuff hehehe….  ok , without furthermore lets go to the ingredient.


To make soy bean milk



400 g  soy bean
3.4 L water

How to make soy bean milk:

1. Soak soy bean into water overnight.
2. Wash soy bean until you are completely sure it clean.
3. Blend soy bean with water using blender. Squeeze to get the milk. It will use all your energy so eat before you doing this ..hehehe..just kidding.. repeat until all bean is used up. At this point you will see the milk is foamy. Removed the bubble.
4.  Heat the soy bean milk. When you see the milk is start to boil , turn off the heat.

To make TAU FU FA


Ingredient :

2 L hot boiled soy bean
2 tbsp potato starch
1 tsp GDL
8 tbsp water

For syrup

300 g gula melaka
200 ml water


1. Measure potato starch , GDL and water. Mix them together.

2. Prepare one clean pot. Be prepare on your right hand is 2 L hot soy bean milk and the other hand is  GDL mixture. Pour them at 30 cm height into a clean pot at same time. This is the natural way to mix GDL and soy bean milk. Once done do a quick stir to the mixture. Removed any bubble.

3. Cover your pot with clean kitchen towel before you put the lid on. This is to prevent the water vapour from drop to the mixture. When you done this stage please don’t move the pot.

4. Let it to set for about 45 to 1 hour.. mine only 45 minute.

5. While waiting your tau fu fa to set you can make a syrup. Boil the water with gula melaka or brown sugar. Don’t forget to strain the syrup. You may add a ginger slice on the syrup but i prefer mine without.

6. Serve your tau fu fa with the syrup.


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