Choux Pastry or Cream Puff is a French filled ball, it very light and has a wonderful pocket inside. Perfect cream puff is a cream puff that hold in shape even after a few day. Most common problem that we faced when making cream puff is it shrank or deflated as it cold.


         There is no specification about the filling. You can filled it with anything you prefer. It could be whipped cream filling, or  custard filling or maybe lemon curd filling..


        A few tips to be succeed in making cream puff.

1. Measure all ingredient first.

2. Add flour all at once.

3. Make sure to cook it long enough or until it form into ball and a thin film appear on the bottom. Also until no uncooked flour seen.

4. Let it cool before adding the eggs.

5. The batter should hold stift peak stage, glossy and shiny. When you touch the paste it hold in shape and the peak pointing up.( I forgot to take picture as i’m too excited to bake…)

6. Dont open your oven while baking cos it will encourage them to shrank.

7. Don’t over cook. When it turn to light brown after 30 to 40 minute baking it should be done. But if you are not sure , take one and see if it dry inside, if yes then you can take out the entire batches .

Adapted from : Jo The Tart Queen



Make 40 mini cream puff

Ingredient :

188 g water
65 g milk
3 g salt ( omit this if using salted butter)
8 g sugar
100 g butter
150 g plain flour
196 g eggs ( 4 eggs = 55g each)

Method :

1. Place water ,milk, sugar, salt  and butter into a pot. Turn on heat. Stir until butter is melted. The wet ingredient should be very hot .

2. Once butter melted add in flour all at once. Turn off heat. Stir with wooden spoon until well combined. Turn on heat again and keep stiring until the paste forming into a ball and no uncooked flour seen.  If there is any then keep stiring. When you see a thin film form on the bottom of pan and the paste became into ball turn off heat.

3. Transfer to another clean bowl. And with a hand mixer knead the dough  to let it cool slightly about 5 minute or until it warm. When it cool a bit, or turn warm ( not hot anymore and we can touch it without feel burning) add in egg one at a time. Give attention to the dough. Sometimes we don’t have to use all the egg. But in my case i do used all eggs. It seems hard to combined at the begining but dont worry just keep stiring.  I do use hand mixer and my job became more easier.

4. Do some test to the paste. Touch the paste with your finger , if it hold stiff peak stage which is the paste hold in shape and the peak pointing up that is mean you already reach to the right conssintency. Transfer to piping bag.

5. Pipe it to your desired shape ,you can use star nozzle or plain. And be ware not to pull up the paste while piping  cos you will end up with a pointing top. If this happend, wet your finger and gently press the pointing top. This will burn easily and we don’t want to spoil our perfect cream puff with this avoidable mistake. Bake at 190 ‘c for 30 minute on middle rack. Due to high tempareture used to bake this cream puff, i prefer not to line my baking pan cos’ sometimes, parchment paper will burn a bit  and it will stick to bottom of our cream puff . At this point , it should turn to light brown. Dont over cook it.



Baking With Kelly


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