Yam Ring is my favourite dishes ever. Everytime we having dinner outside ,it will be first on my list. I enjoy every bites of my yam ring…yummy…it delicious but very difficult to prepare. I have tried to make it soo many time and never succeed. I don’t know where did i do wrong cos’ i followed the recipe very close or the exactly amount that required on the recipe. I do asked one blogger the one that i follow her recipe and thanks to her ‘good manner’s ‘ cos’  she deleted my question right away. Doesn’t intend to help at all but it’s ok, if she can do it , i can do too…..just have to practice a few more years…i guess..
       Today, i made it again and  don’t know if i succeed or not. I try 2 diffrent recipe in same time. My first recipe is from ‘ Sinner ‘  and another one is a recipe that i saw on youtube. A recipe from SINNER is more easier to handle and small amout of ingredient. I don’t have to feel guilty or wasting even if i failed. Second recipe is using more yam and very difficult to shape and too dry to. I know it failed even before i try to fried it but i don’t want to waste the yam. Trying to be smart once again, i add 28g of shortening and 2 tbsp of water. Amazing!!!! It look great when i shape it but don’ t know how it  turn out later. My common problem everytime i made a yam ring is after a few minute frying my yam will start to crumble and fall apart. I’m good in shaping since i practiced so many time but always failed when frying.


      GOOD NEWS !!! i’ve just fried my yam ring and it turn out perfect…after failed so many time….finally…thanks god!! I don’t have to wait another year to show that i can make it too…i’m soo proud of my self…i found that the only problem that make me fail all this time is my oil temperature… IMPORTANT !!!!! make sure that the oil is hot enough and cover the yam ring…and also don’t use rolling pin to shape your yam ring…

Recipe adapted : Sinner
Make 1 yam ring / yam basket



Ingredient :

300 g yam ( weight again after steaming)
15 g shortening
5 tbsp wheat starch
5 tbsp  boiling water
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp five spice powder
8 g castor sugar


1. Measure all ingredient as detailed.



2. Steam yam until soft or cooked. Weight it to 300g . Put it into a large bowl and mash with potato masher. Remember to mash your steamed yam while it still hot .

3. Pour boiling water into wheat starch .Mix until well combined and wheat starch is cooked. When i said  boiling water it’s mean that the water is very hot.


4. Add all ingredient into mashed yam and knead until it not stick to our hand and well combined. Roll the dough like a ball and gently roll it like a rolling pan. When you reach the lenght that you desire flat the dough with your hand. Shape or mould it into ring , you can use a bottle or round jar and gently removed. Put it on refrigerator for at least 1 – 2 hour before frying.

5. Heat enough oil. And make sure it very hot. To make sure it hot enough is when you put a bamboo stick you will hear a sound and lot of bubble appear. The original recipe using a foil dish when frying yam but i have fried mine without foil dish and my yam is still perfect. The reason why we should make sure the oil is hot enough is if it hot enough the outer of the yam will harden very quick and it will avoid the yam ring from collapsing or out of shape. Fried until golden brown and removed.

6. For filling you can use anything you want to..really .mine, i use the simple one since i didn’t prepared it ealier cos i didn’t expected that i will succeed this time.


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