I have never made this kueh before but i do bought it a few time at early market. It’s hard to find a kueh that suit to our taste. Most of them  which sold on market is some how will not taste the exactly how it supposed to be. There is too many reason why this is happend. One of them is no one will make it with full ingredient due to reduce the cost of making this kueh. Sometimes it’s say pumpkin kueh but it doesnt taste like pumpkin and it more likely doughy flour kueh.


        I’ m not saying that i am profesional but at least i know how to make this suit to my taste and enjoyed by my family. One thing to know is if you like a shiny looking kueh please use a good quality of tapioca starch cos if not you will end up like what i have here a dull looking colour kueh. Not attractive at all.



Make 10 – 12 pcs with jelly mould.

Ingredient :

120 g tapioca starch
30 g rice flour
70 g castor sugar
1 egg
400 g coconut milk
Pinch of salt
300 g pumpkin


1. Sift together tapioca starch and rice flour. Devide into 2 which is 108 g for A and 42 g for B .Set aside.

2. Heat coconut milk with sugar until sugar is dissolve. Devide it to 220 g for A and 180 g for B. Let it cool.

3. Steam 300 g pumpkin until soft about 15 – 30 minute. Transfer to a large bowl and let it cool slightly for 5 minute.

4. Add 108 g sifted flour mixture from  A  to steamed pumpkin and stir until well combined. Add in egg and stir again. Slowly pour coconut milk and mix well. Strain the batter to get a smooth silky batter.

5. For white top layer, add 180 g coconut milk from B to 42 g flour mixture. Stir and add pinch of salt. Strain the batter to removed any
undissolve flour mixture.

6. Grease jelly mould and pour the pumpkin batter. Tap smoothly to remove the bubble that traped on the batter. Put into the steamer that already pre – heated ealier. Steam for 10 minute in medium heat or until you see it thicken or cooked.

7. After 10 minute turn off heat and pour in the white top batter ( B). Do it quickly. Then turn on the heat again…( medium heat ). Steamed for 6 minute or until done.


♡ If you find that the batter is not fully cooked you can re- steamed it again and it will still perfect so dont worry.

Baking With Kelly


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