Its been a while after my last post pandan layer cake, and finally i decided to post this KUEH LAPIS recipe. I have try a few recipe like lapis legit and steamed banana cupcakes but the result is not fulfill the standard that i looking for, that is why i didn’t publish it here.


       Talk about  kueh lapis,  it’s not my first trial… but my 5th attempt with diffrent recipe, and i’m very satisfy with the result. I love the texture chewy, stretchy and elastic. Every layer not separate to each other itself but it’s easy for you to peel off each layer….

        I have made a simple version to make this kueh. Usually some recipe required some amount of water and coconut milk but in my version i add some amount of water to grated coconut and  squeeze it to get the amount of liquid that stated on the recipe. In simple word i only add liquid once (coconut milk )not like other they add twice, a water then a coconut milk.
          Also i didn’t add to many type of flour, just tapioca starch and rice flour. Some recipe using hoen kwee flour and sago flour. I still remember when i made my 1st kueh lapis, i use glutinous rice flour and i think you can imagine how it look like hehe…that time i curse the recipe…second attempt i used sago flour and tapioca starch with a little rice flour and my sister in law say too soft. Look like a leaf that almost die cos have no  water…Fail….3rd attempt all tapioca starch and again it too soft. I consider it fail and this time i blame my tapioca starch. 4th attempt i use 350 g tapioca starch, and 100 g rice flour . My kueh lapis is much better but still not the one that i looking for. So, i decided to make my 5th attempt the one that i’m sharing now…

Make 1 , 24 cm round pan



Ingredient :

250 g tapioca starch
200 g rice flour
170 g granulated white sugar
900 coconut milk (from 1 coconut )
Pinch of salt
Few drop green colouring
Few drop pandan coconut emulco

Method :

1. Add sugar to coconut milk heat until sugar dissolve. Set aside until cold.

2. Sift together rice flour and tapioca starch in a bowl. Add coconut milk to flour mixture.. Mix until well combined.

3. Sift the batter to removed any lump and to get a smooth batter.

4. Turn on heat, let your steamer ready. Make sure to lightly grease the pan. Most recipe need to heat the pan before pouring first layer in it but in my case i forgot and my kueh lapis is still perfect.

5. While waiting the pan to be heated devide the batter in 2 portion. Add pandan coconut emulco and green food colouring for the first part and let it plain to the second part.

6. Measure 150 g of plain batter and pour it into your heated pan. Steam for about 5 minute or until the layer is harden and dry. Measure 150 g of green batter for second layer and steam again for 5 minute. Repeat the process until all batter is used up. For 6th  to 8th layer steam for about 7 minute to each layer and for 9th layer steam for about 10 minute to 15 minute. Open the cover of steamer and let it dry on top before turn off the heat.

5. Let it cold before cutting.




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