This is my steamed sweet potato cupcakes. The taste is very soft and jelly like. Its easy to prepare and best to have it on tea time. You can serve this cake plain or with steamed grated coconut ( white only ).

       I supposed to take step by step picture but i forgot…only remember when i half way making this cake. Too bad…. , will take picture in the future and update my blog.

        The original recipe required tapioca starch only but with my first trial experience the cake is quite difficult to handle. This time i add 50 g of rice flour and the texture is very nice and easy to handle. One thing to remember is make sure your time of steaming. If you using a mould like i use here it will take 15 minute to be done plus 3 minute to dry up the top.

         In this recipe i use coconut milk  ( box ) 200 ml  and coconut powder delute with water to make 416 ml . If you can find fresh coconut milk it will be much better.

Recipe adapted from : Agnes Chang

Make 24 pcs




560 g orange sweet potato
200 g tapioca starch
50   g rice flour
100 g castor sugar
200 ml coconut milk ( box )
416 ml  ( 100g coconut powder + water = 416 ml )
Pinch of salt
300 g grated coconut for coating

Oil ( to oil the mould )

Method :

1. Prepare all ingredient as detailed above.

2. Cut your sweet potato into chunk. Steam for 15 – 20 minute or until soft.

3. Put your hot steamed potato into large bowl. Mashed… add in flour, sugar and salt. Mix until well combined with hand mixer .


4. Slowly add coconut milk to the batter. Now the batter should look like kueh lapis batter, not too thin or thick. If you follow my ingredient as detailed you will get the right batter.


5. Strain the batter to removed any lump and to get a smooth batter. Lightly Oil the mould  and fill almost 95 % full. Steam for 15 minute and open your steamer cover or lid for 3 minute to dry up the top of the cake.

6. Steam grated coconut with pinch of salt for 10 minute.


7 . Let your cake cool a bit before unmould if it difficult to unmould it mean your cake is undercook.


8. Serve it plain or with grated coconut.

Baking With Kelly


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