Arrowhead chips is very popular among chinese on chinese new year. The taste is nice and crispy, this chip can be compare with potato chip. Here in my place it sold around Rm19 to  Rm 20. Raw arrowhead sold at Rm 7.50 to 11.50 per kilo, other place sold it Rm 1.80 to Rm 3.00 and i am wondering why it more expensive in my place???

     To make this arrowhead chips it need more effort and passion…if you are a type of people that easily to give up then i recomended you to just buy ready made arrowhead chip…hehe it take me almost two hour to peel the skin. And i am lucky enough to have a helping hand from my husband.

      If you need a light crispy chips, you need to slices it to as thin as you can. Make sure your slicer is sharp enough cos’ this will make your job more easier. Some people will fry the chip right after slice but i prefer to dry the chip in the sun a bit before frying. If not in the middle of frying you will see a bubble in the oil that contain a water and this will slow down the process and the longer your chip inside, the more  oil is absorb on the chip and you will end up with oily chips.

        After frying strain access oil on the chip then put the chip into a tissue that absorb oil . As it cool it will dried up and you will have a perfect chips.



Ingredient :

5 kg arrowhead
1tsp salt

Method :

1. Clean your arrowhead and peel the skin. When done , soak it into salt water for 10 minute.

2. Take soaked arrowhead out and then dry it with clean kitchen towel.


3. Slice it with very sharp slicer so that you will get even and beautiful shape.

4. Dry your arrowhead slices into sun for a few minute or until it dry a bit.

5. Heat oil , make sure its hot enough before you put your raw chips . Put one by one so that the chips not stick to eachother. To make sure  either the chips is ready or not is to take at a look to the chips if there is no bubble then its done.

* tip : if you want to buy arrowhead make sure there is no crack on the bottom.

6. When done , put your chips on a tissue that will absorb access oil. Cool completely before storing.




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