I loved pineapple tart and usually i will buy it at bakery. Sometimes the taste is not the one that i looking for.  Since then , i try to find a good recipe that suit to my taste. At the begining i have a second thought either i should make my own pineapple tart or not. The reason is i am too lazy to make pineapple filling and that i am worry if it didn’t work. Another reason is i am worry it will turn out bad too quick. After considering a few time then i made a decision to try. And there you go i finally find my pineapple tart that suit to my taste.
      Honestly , to make pineapple tart is not difficult , not like what i thought before. It so easy than you can imagine. The only thing that you should give attention is to get the right recipes. If you have it in hand and you are one step closer to perfect pineapple tart. Ok look at the picture closely, do you believe if i made this for first time?? Well i’m and i’m sure that you also need a same result. You dont want to waste all the ingredient right?? If you follow the recipe and instruction as detailed you will me..

    I am very thankful to Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover for sharing a great recipe. Her recipe is keeper. Like a said earlier just follow everything as stated on the recipe and you will not disapointed.

     Back to the topic , i also made my own pineapple filling , but if you doesn’t have time then you can bought it from the shop…for this recipe i put more sugar, less sugar will make your filling turn out bad too quick. My pineapple is not ripe enough this is another reason why i put more sugar.

Recipe source :nasi lemak lover



Ingredient :

Batter : A

350 g butter ( buttercup brand )
100 ml condensed milk ( Susu Cap Junjung brand )
50 g parmesen cheese powder
500 g plain flour
2 eggs yolk

Filling :

2 kg pineapple
600 g granulated white sugar

5 eggs yolk for egg wash


1. Beat butter and  milk until light and fluffy. Add in egg one at the time and make sure it well combined.

2. When the eggs yolk is well mixed add parmesen cheese powder and sifted flour. Knead using hand mixer for 1 minute and knead with your hand for 30 second. At this point the dough is very soft but not stick to your hand. Let it rest for 10 minute before shape it into ball.


3. Devide the batter 10 g each. Roll them into ball.

Prepare Filling :

1. Peel pineapple skin, removed all divits and core. Use grater to make pineapple puree.

2. Pour pineapple puree onto saucepan and bring to boil. On medium heat let the puree to a boil. Stir from time to time to make sure it not burning on side and bottom of saucepan.

3. Keep on eyes on the puree, if the water is reduce or the puree is almost dry add in sugar. At this time you will find that the pineapple filling is start watering again. But don’t worry this is how it supposed to be. Keep stiring.

4. When the puree is turn to golden brown and thicken and no water at all that is mean the pineapple filling is ready.


5. Let it cool completely before shape it into a ball . Should be 6 g each. You can make this filling a day before, just make sure you cool it completely before put in the refrigerator.

To assemble :


1. Wrap the pineapple filling with the batter. Roll like a ball with your palm. Make sure it sealed completely or else it will crack while baking.

2. Using a ruler or anything you have in hand to make a few line on top to make a pineapple pattern.

3. Egg wash on top and bake for 15 – 20 minute at 140′ c depand on size of your pineapple tart.

4. Let it cool completely on wire rack before storing into airtight container . Good in room tempreture for almost 2 week.




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